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Las Vegas Rose Launch

online ORDERING web base SYSTEM


Las Vegas Rose Launch

Iphoto FTP LINk info for savvy user : ( IP ADDS : , USER NAME: iphotoftp , pass: pass )


How to upload files using FTP

Prepare your files
Organize your images in a folder on your desktop. Please make the folder name your name or your business name. It may be advisable to organize images in subfolders by image size (i.e - make a sub-folder named 4x6glossy, 5x7matte, etc.) This is especially helpful for large orders with multiple print sizes and/or finishes.

Open the FTP window
Click the orange FTP button follow by mail or location located at the bottom of the screen. On the following page, you will see a pane on the page that is our ftp server. Right side is remote computer(our server) and left side is local computer(yours).

DRAG your image folder into that pane and DROP the folder in any open space. Wait for the folder contents to be transferred.

Las Vegas Pickup Mail Order for Advanced User
Advanced FTP Users may also FTP their files directly to:
IP Address:
Username: iphotoftp
Password: (leave blank or type any letter)

Send Us Order Details
Use CONTACT US or email us about your order, including: FTP Folder Name, Print Qty, Print Size, Print Finish, Billing Info, Shipping Info and any special instructions that your order may require.

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